African Fashion International – BigCityNights


This set of images has been groundbreaking reaching platforms not usually attained by Africans, including  SKY NEWS.

I was invited to participate in this project, as one of ten world-class photographers, to represent the fashion photography genre for a campaign for vaccine equality, for the United Nations Human Rights Commission.
This selection of Pulitzer prize winning and ground-breaking photographers, was selected by Robert Cole of Sky News in conjunction with the Secretary General of the United Nations Human Rights Commission.
The campaign was aired and discussed on Sky News in a 10 minute segment, to an audience of 12.5 million viewers as-well as being published in the Times in London and was presented to World Leaders at a Covid Summit in Switzerland in 2021.

This project was exhibited at the contemporary VEEPEE Gallery in Paris, on the largest outdoor media screen in Europe, for the inauguration weekend of President Macron. It also featured in Page Magazine (Germany) along with publications and features on radio stations throughout the world. The campaign was also featured in the Pantone Colour Trend Book and presented in SEOL at the Naroo Colour conference and trend forecast event.