Saatkultur – Oregano In The Garden Of Hope


The Garden Of Hope

The Schleswig-Holstein State Museum

The Garden Of Hope – a project for the the world-renowned Art and Design and History Museum, The Schleswig-Holstein State Museum in Schloss Gottorf Germany.

I was selected as one of nine international creatives to participate in this humanitarian project for Saatkultur*- representing the creative craft of Photography, and in aid of raising funds for underprivileged and developing countries.

This design project was developed as one of the ways to highlight racism. The backs of each seed bag were printed with short texts about groundbreaking projects that are committed to the inclusion of refugees and stand for mutual cultural enrichment.

The selection process to choose the final creatives was a rigorous one, with the largest creative environments and leaders in the world having the final call.

The exhibition was held on the Summer Solstice May Day celebrations with thousands of people coming to enjoy the festivities at one of the most famous museums in the world.